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About Us …

My name is Patricia Pray, I am the owner of Echo Ridge Enterprises LLC. This business is a marriage of mine and my husband's lifelong obsessions!


What's in a Name??

The name Echo Ridge has been my Art Studio's name for over 10 years…We live in a 100+ year old farm house nicely situated on a 5 acre ridge of land that seems to collect the “echoes” from our neighborhood's farms! We are serenaded by the cows from across the river, roosters from down the road and the trains rumble through our lives on their daily schedules…It seemed a fitting name for our home based business!

My husband Roland is my partner in this endeavor. He is an accomplished musician who has honed his skills for over 20 years. He has developed a unique style of music and has recorded several original CD's . Roland entertains audiences as a solo artist and as a member of an acoustic rock band.

My lifelong devotion to art continues to evolve…exploring new and unique outlets for artistic expression. Utilizing unusual mediums and techniques I have united creative fine art with functional household items, creating unusual personal art pieces. I create these unique art pieces by commission or as limited editions for sale. Educated in all traditional mediums of art, I offer traditional portraiture and fine art work as well.

For nearly 30 years I have enjoyed the gratifying sport of dog obedience training. As a competitor, I have explored various training techniques and studied with some of the most innovative instructors in the country. I marvel at the incredible abilities and drive our loving companions share with us! From these experiences I have come to appreciate the holistic nature of this evolving relationship. As it develops we can unlock their potential while maintaining their fun loving spirit and drive. I enjoy cultivating this view of training in my students, helping them to strengthen their working relationship with their dogs.


Echo Ridge Enterprises LLC gives us the opportunity to share our obsessions with you!

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