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My Process of Creating Art Work…


At Echo Ridge Studio's I do all the work myself, by hand. There is no automation or laser cutting. Images used are primarily from photographs and videos of my dogs or the multitude of dogs I observe belonging to friends and acquaintances; during training sessions and competitions.


The process of carving or etching on wood and glass is done with a hand held Dremel Flex Shaft tool using a large variety of tiny dental bits. Each cut is permanent and irreversible and must be well planned for. With some art pieces, I finish a portrait with the addition of permanent colored glazes enhancing the image with increased depth and variety of color.

I work on “found objects” or plainly speaking, store bought items. I purchase the wood charger plates, coasters, picture frames, tack racks and leaded glass vases allowing me to concentrate my creative efforts on the actual art image rather than spending time making the base object. Unfortunately, some items have limited availability forcing me to offer them as limited editions. This keeps my work fresh, as I am always searching for new items to work on.


My portrait work on paper is done strictly on artist grade 100% rag content paper, whether it is watercolor paper or dry medium paper. I use only artist grade permanent prismacolor pencils, pastels, charcoal, graphite, watercolor or oil paints. When the work is framed, we use only museum quality acid free matting material for permanent protection of the artwork.


My Fine Art work spans my creative life. Unfortunately some of my work is unavailable to photograph. Select early work was recorded on color slides; I have been able to reproduce and include these in my Fine Art Gallery. All past artistic experiences enhance my ability to create fresh new art pieces today!


I am available to create any custom commissioned work you can imagine… Fine Art ~ realistic, abstract or a combination of both… Portrait Work on paper, canvas, wood or leaded glass… Canine Commemoratives gift ideas, trophies or awards…all are unique and artistically created with great care.


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