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Vom Haus Echo

Von Devlin King's Ta-urt Am. CDX, Can. CD. (1979-1994)

In 1979 I purchased my first obedience competition dog, a Doberman Pinscher, She was my AKC Novice A dog, competed thru Utility.

Cara Vista's Electrum Aten Am. CD, Can. CDX. (1982-1989)

In 1982 I purchased a second Doberman Pinscher, placing several times in AKC/CKC obedience. Her career was ended by a shoulder injury. I was also introduced to the sport of Schutzhund that same year.

Can. OTCH Grinzings Nushabti UD (1989-1998)

(Boris Vom Schuasterbua SchH3, FH  X  Freia Vom Haus Kasfeld SchH1, FH)

In 1989, impressed by 'German bred' German Shepherd Dogs I purchased my 1 st import bred male, earning his AKC UD, CKC UD (Can. OTCH) with multiple wins and class placements, Dog World Award, High in Trials and High Combined Award. He was ranked in the top 10 Obedience GSD's in the US and Canada! Shortly before his sudden death, he had earned AKC UDX legs and AKC OTCH points.

Echo's Buto Vom Lin-Denn Haus BH, Am./Can. CD (1993-2000)

(Fax Vom Hof Niederzier SchH3  X  Luci Vom Kahlenbach)

In 1993 I purchase my first import bred GSD female ; earned her USA BH, AKC/CKC CD's, with class placements.. Her obedience career was cut short by severe HD.

OTCH Echo's Dena Vom Lin-Denn Haus BH, UDX, Can. CDX   (1997-2010)

Born in 1997, my retired AKC competition partner is an import bred GSD female . Dena was ranked in the Top 10 Obedience ranking in GSD's in AKC/CKC obedience and has earned her USA BH, AKC OTCH, UDX , CKC CDX, 4 Dog World Awards, multiple wins and class placements, 17 High in Trials, 4 High Combined Awards, and 2 National Obedience Tournament placements, one each in open and utility. In 2005 and 2006 she earned an invitation to participate in the  AKC National Obedience Invitational Championship Competition.  For this honor Dena was ranked in AKC;  #3 GSD for 2005 by the number of OTCH points earned.

R-Echo's Cajun du Ciel Rouge SchH3, FH   (1998-2010)

In 1998 we purchased our first schutzhund competition dog; a Belgian Malinois male. Cajun earned his USA BH(2000), SchH1(2001), SchH2(2002) and SchH3(2003) with multiple �V� (Excellent) rated scores and his FH(2005), the advanced SchH tracking title . Cajun retired from SchH competition and enjoyed life.

V- Gino vom Haus Echo v.d. Olgameister, SchH3, IPO3, FH2, UDX, OM1, TD, KKL1a for life 


Hip and Elbow rating from OFA

Bred by Debbie Zappia (V Jai vom Olgameister SchH3, FH1, KKL1a for life x Chukkie von Loyola SchH3) Gino is a joy to train and an exciting competition partner on the field.  By age 2 1/2 he has earned his BH, SchH1 & SchH2... SchH1 scores - Tracking - 95, Obedience - 93, Protection - 96 "V"...total score of 284 & High SchH1....SchH2 scores - Tracking - 96 "V", Obedience - 90, Protection - 97 "V"...total score of 283 & High SchH2.

  Earned his SchH3 & IPO3; repeating both titles 3 times at The New England Regional Championships, placing 6th in 2010 with a 276, 96V protection & 92SG obedience and the AWDF National Championship three times. He earned his FH1 with a 96V in 2010 and in 2011 his FH2 title on a tough field contaminated by soccer play (cleats!) while it aged... landing him with an 85, I am so very proud of his work ethic!

 He earned his AKC Obedience titles: CD in 3 straight with 2 HIT's in 2009 and in 2010 his CDX out of the Open B class in 3 straight with 3 HIT's with one score of 199.5/200! He made quick work of his AKC TD in 2010, penciling the November tracking test! Retired from SchH/IPO with the 2011 Regional Championship Gino earned his AKC UD in the fall of 2012 winning OTCH points on his last UD leg! He continued on to earn his AKC UDX and 79 OTCH points, winning multitple HIT's and HC's. He also earned 2 invitations to compete at the AKC National Obedience Championship - 2014 & 2015! Invitations are earned by the number of OTCH points earned  the previous year. We competed at the 2014 NOC where he placed 17th out of 127 dogs entered by qualifing all 12 runs over 2 days of grueling competition...he earned 1369.5 points out of a posible 1420 points available!  He was only 21 points shy of finishing his AKC OTCH when cancer took him from us mid July 2014. Heartbroken, this boy will always be remembered for his unflapable temperament, zest for life and awesome work ethic.    



Jago V Haus Echo Von Der Olgameister IPO3, AD

(V Jai Vom Olgameister SchH3, FH1, KKL1a for life  X  Britara V Olgameister von der Haus Martin SchH1, AD)

A half brother to Gino! All by age 3.5...in 2013 earned his IPO1 with 291V, 100V-92-98V!...in 2014 - IPO2 with a 281, 94-93-94,  and his IPO3 with a 256, 70-90-96V. Young and inexperienced...we will grow into an awesome team!


StarCreek's Just Julie



(CH. Sandfox Flying Finish UD, HS, AXJ, MX.   X   CH. Graceland's Fame and Fortune)

In 2002 we purchased Julie a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi for our daughter Christina. Christina has been an active participate in our local 4H dog program and has trained and competed with Julie in 4H Beginner on Lead Obedience at the county and state fairs earning herself blue ribbons. This year, they have been very active in 4H agility and grooming and handling, and have qualified with a blue ribbon to compete in our county fair in 4H Pre-Novice Agility.




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